Preparation process for hair Transplantation

Saç Ekimi Öncesi HazırlıkBefore the hair transplantation, you are instructed about how you should prepare for the operation, what you should eat and drink, and which medications you should take. If you take Aspirin and vitamin supplements, you are advised to stop taking them 4-5 days before the operation.

If you have a diabetic or allergic condition or you have a disease, you

should certainly inform us about them. You can come to the operation with your casual clothes. However, your are advised to have a shirt or a front zipper or a buttoned cloth. Because, such clothes give you comfort after the operation. We certainly advise you to being a hook and loop type sports hat with you. You should absolutely come to the operation on a full stomach. We advise you to have the necessary physical examinations before the operation.