FUE Technique

FUE Technique Kulisestetik

Fue Saç EkimiFue technique is highly developed in today’s world. Thanks to the competent and experienced expert teams, very successful outcomes are achieved with this technique. The back side of the head between two ears is called donor area. As the hair strands are extracted from under the skin (the third layer of the skin, fatty tissue) separately, the hair is shortened as much as possible so that this method can be implemented successfully. Grafts are extracted from under the skin where local anesthesia is applied by means of the punch fitted to the micro-motor’s capping.

Depending on the efficiency of the donor area and the experience of the surgical team, the transfer of up to 3500 0r 5000 grafts is achieved in one session (6-7 hours). After the extracted grafts are placed to the fluid petris in a monadic, binary and trinary row, extraction process is completed. This operation lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

Afterwards, appropriate channels are opened on the transplantation area by taking into account the subject’s hair directions an characteristics. After the channel opening phase is completed, extraction of the grafts starts. Allocation of the grafts is as important as channel opening process. Fue technique can also be applied in beard, moustache an brow transplantations.