What is male pattern hair loss?

What is male pattern hair loss?Hair follicles are controlled by hormonal factors. Androgenes and thyroid hormone (thyroxin) are the most important hormones. While some of the hair follicles are more sensitive to androgenes (male hormone), others are sensitive to throxine. Male type of androgenetic hair loss stems from the fact that, dihiydrotestesterone, a hormone found in the sensitive hair follicles, causes the weakening of the hair. Androgenetic hair loss is permanent and although it is generally a male-specific condition, it can also be observed in females. This type of hair loss, which results from genetic (familial) factors, generally starts from the hairline and the top of the head. Hair follicles sensitive to androgene first weakens and then are completely lost. Hair follicles found on the neck and the sides of the air don’t shed as they are sensitive to thyroxine.

Hair Body

The rest of the body of hair is the hair out of the skin.Keratinized dead cells in the hair shaft, some of the materials and holding them together sudan consists of a small amount.That’s why people feel pain when building a hair cut.
The hair shaft consists of three layers.The innermost layer is called the medulla, and is long and thick hair.Cortex composed of keratin fibers, forms the middle layer of the hair.Hair its elasticity, strength and color that gives you the cortex layer.The outmost layer is called cuticle.This colorless and thin layer of dead cells is composed of residues 6-10 coats hanging on to each other, and the hair cortex serves as a protector.

Hair Types

Throughout life in humans is the development of a variety of hair:
Lanugo pregnancy 3 occurs shortly after birth onwards, and is poured.

Children’s hair, lanugo hairs shed after the eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair in particular.
Adolescence in December with hairs and armpit area around the sexual organs in both sexes only seen in men with beard, mustache and chest hairs.
Terminal Hairs Hair, arms and legs in the thick hair color.

What is male pattern hair loss?

Hair follicles are under hormonal control.Androgens and thyroid hormone (Trox) is the most important hormones.A portion of the hair follicles to androgens (male hormones) are sensitive to a part of the troxine sensitive.Cause of male pattern hair loss or androgenetic type, sensitive hair follicles to weaken, causing the male hormone dihydro-testosterone.Types of androgenetic hair loss is permanent and can also be seen in women”” Although predominantly in men.Genetic (familial) origin, and the hills to get this type of hair loss usually begins.Completely lost in an androgen-sensitive hair follicles then weakens before.Trox is sensitive to the side of the neck and hair follicles shed.

What are the causes of pathological hair loss?

Male or female, everyone complains of hair loss during their lifetime, and ‘Do kelleşiyor I wonder?’ He is concerned.Hair loss can be many reasons.Sometimes it can be a serious disease underlying.Received any medication (cyclosporin, antitroid drugs, anticoagulants, drugs used in cancer treatment), radical changes in hormone levels (thyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, diabetes), severe physical or mental stress, air pollution, scalp infections or skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, lymphoma), nutritional deficiencies (protein and iron deficiency) can cause hair loss.After childbirth or severe illness can be serious, but this type of hair loss is usually temporary hair loss.