Hair transplantion

  •   FUE Technique

    Fue technique is highly developed in today’s world. Thanks to the competent and experienced expert teams, very successful outcomes are achieved with this technique.


  •  Preparation process for hair Transplantation

    Before the hair transplantation, you are


  •  Male Type Hair Loss

    The hair has a long structure with keratin content. Keratin is a protein, which is resistant to rupture and corrosion. Nails also have a keratin structure.


To regain their hair.

Healthy hair transplant, is seen as the best solution for hairlessness.

  1. Before
  2. After
  • For hair transplant,How many grafts?

    Send a few photos.We can give information about details and prices.Online Diagnosis

  • Before hair transplant

    • Hair transplant expert control
    • Analysis of hair and bald Area
    • Determination of the number of grafts for hair transplant
    • Before hair transplant, medicine use
    • Preparation for the hair transplant.
  • After the hair transplant

    • To be considered.
    • Hair Transplantation, first hair washing/li>
    • crusting process of hair transplantation.
    • The process of hair transplanted hair loss
    • The process of growing new hair.
  • About Hair Transplant Price and Operational Process

    Further information and to discuss with an expert

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